Our Process



The first step is to contact us and ask your questions.  You may want to know about social media marketing, email marketing or content marketing as a whole.  You may be interested in a new website design or you would like us to evaluate your existing website design and evaluate your internal internet marketing efforts.  Regardless of your question, we will be happy to answer them and offer some perspective.  We understand that you want to generate new business and we want to help with that.  Simply call us at (603) 783-9333 or click HERE to fill out a very simple form and we will contact you the same day.


After we have answered your questions, we encourage a meeting.  Our business model is based upon building relationships and trust.  Meeting each other and developing a certain chemistry is very important.  We need to learn about you and your business, your business needs both now and in the future and discuss some of your goals.  It is also important to note that we have customers as far away as Anchorage, Alaska.  Obviously a person to person meeting is somewhat cost and time prohibitive.  We have been very successful operating in these long distance environments and we are just as effective.   The internet has made distance a thing of the past.


This is the first step in developing a digital marketing strategy.  We ask questions about what you are doing now for internet marketing, email marketing and social media marketing.  We may ask questions that you don’t know the answers to and that’s okay.  We help uncover the answers and work with you to figure out what has worked in the past and what has not.  We talk to you about current tracking processes that you may have in place and what the normal flow of leads is within your company.  We talk about your competition, target markets, customer profiles, marketing distribution channels and so much more.  The eventual outcome is a strong and true understanding about you, your company and your goals.


We will develop a comprehensive project scope with pricing.  This project scope will identify the areas of digital marketing that would help you and your business generate more exposure and ultimately more business.  It will contain everything you will need for us to to bring your marketing, sales or brand identity to a whole new level.


This is where the fun begins.  We put into action all the elements of the project scope in an organized and timely fashion.  We develop a marketing schedule and calendar and communicate very closely with you or your sales staff so everybody involved understands what’s going on and can react accordingly to prospect and customer inquiries.  We implement or refine your existing process for tracking these inquiries and make necessary adjustments refining the process.


This is one of the most crucial steps as it defines the marketing direction.  We evaluate statistics and metrics directly corresponding with the implementation process and determine if we need to refine, tweak or do nothing.  These numbers are the basis to determine effectiveness and accurate market penetration.

Call us today and begin the process of building your business in a digital world (603) 783-9333 or click HERE