Email Marketing



Many people equate email marketing to spam and yes, there is a tremendous amount of spam sent every day.  We all get bombarded daily totaling billions and billions of spam messages sent.  What we specialize in is the effective use of email marketing in a way that either informs the reader of your product or service or encourages them to take some sort of action starting with a click through to your website or custom designed landing page.  This funnel type of marketing is very productive if done correctly.

Email marketing is an extremely effective way to reach consumers that may be interested in your product, service or source of information. When you compare the cost of email marketing to other direct marketing programs you will quickly see that the return on investment and conversion rate is unmatched.  The success of email marketing is surpassed only by search marketing. It affords you the ability to create a message in a well designed and organize layout complete with graphics, accentuated text, images and links.  This attractive presentation is now a more welcomed message and far less threatening than a standard email filled with boring, black and white text.

One of the most powerful aspects of email marketing is your ability to track those emails in a way that direct marketing could only dream of.  We are able to see who opened an email, how many times they looked at it and whether or not they clicked through to your website or custom landing page.  This gives us the ability to determine the interest level of the recipients and create additional campaigns thus creating a narrower and warmer funnel.

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